"Newser" said : HTC U11 Smartphone Can Be Squeezed to Take Pictures, Open Apps

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But that's just one possibility with its Edge Sense feature, reports CNET. Instead of having to fumble for a button to snap a photo, users of the new U11 can simply squeeze the phone to open the camera app, and squeeze again to take a selfie. (Newser) – HTC may have just unveiled the new favorite phone of selfie lovers. The user simply programs the feature to perform based on whether it senses a short squeeze or a long one. "Before, it was a hassle to reach these features, but we simplified it into a single motion," HTC says.

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HTC Unveils the U11 Squeeze-Sensing Smartphone

HTC Unveils the U11 Squeeze-Sensing Smartphone
HTC Unveils the U11 Squeeze-Sensing SmartphoneUnveiled earlier today, the new U11 flagship smartphone from HTC comes with an unusual feature: the ability to control certain functions by squeezing the sides of the device. The HTC U11 also comes with a fingerprint sensor, camera-based face detection, and a sensor hub for activity tracking. Called "Edge Sense," HTC said the new feature is designed to usher in "a new age of phone interactions." HTC said the U11 was "the highest rated smartphone ever in DxOMark history." HTC developed Edge Sense because it concluded squeezing was a "natural, intuitive" way of interacting with a phone.

HTC Wants You To Awkwardly Fondle The New U11 Smartphone To Access Its Shortcut Features
The HTC U11 is currently available for preorder and will be hitting the market on June 9. Images courtesy: HTCThe HTC U11 has a 5.5-inch quad HD (1440x2560 ) display with a 12MP f/1.7 rear camera and a 16 MP front cam. For instance, a short squeeze can start your camera or click the shutter, while a long squeeze can be configured to activate your Google Assistant, and more. HTC has announced its newest flagship smartphone, the U11. While the phone body itself doesn't bend in any way, on-screen cues indicate when you've activated an Edge Sense feature, similar to Apple's own 3D Touch haptic feedback.

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