"phonearena" declare : Nissan puts Signal Shield to reduce smartphone distraction at the wheel

Nissan, however, has another idea – the company bets on a special compartment that blocks mobile phone signals. Take a look yourself and, if you wish, share your thoughts about Nissan's "invention":As we all know, using a smartphone while driving a car can be quite a dangerous thing. And we all know why we should pay attention to the road, not to the phone, right? Of course, there are some apps available that claim to reduce the distraction (as for example Samsung's "In-Traffic Reply" ), but their effectiveness is still to be proved in practice. The company's concept solution is called Signal Shield and represents a modified armrest compartment, covered with conductive wire mesh material, which blocks all cellular, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi signals, thus preventing the drivers from being distracted by their smartphones.

as informed in The Nissan Signal Shield is a prototype compartment within the arm rest of a Nissan Juke that is lined with a Faraday cage, an invention dating back to the 1830s. The device will maintain wired connectivity even when in the Nissan Signal Shield compartment. "The Nissan Signal Shield is a good example of a technology that can help drivers be phone smart. As mobile phone technology has advanced significantly many people have become addicted to them. The Nissan Signal Shield concept provides optional connectivity, giving drivers the choice between being able to contact and be contacted from the road, or creating a 'phone-free' space and time.

Nissan Signal Shield concept uses 180-year-old invention to tackle smartphone distraction behind the wheel
as informed in

Nissan's Signal Shield helps prevent smartphone distractions

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Nissan's Signal Shield helps prevent smartphone distractions

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