"Quartz" declare : Google (GOOG) designed Android Go to win over the next billion smartphone users in the developing world — Quartz

android Go ships with all new versions of Android phones and serves as the default setting for all Android devices with 1GB or less of RAM. As part of this, the company will ship new "lite" versions of its apps, Play store, and OS with the release of Android O. To serve the "next billion," Google is releasing Android Go, a light-weight OS designed to run on devices with less than 1 GB of memory. But it's not going to do it with today's Android operating system designed for premium devices in the US and Europe. "The time is right to take the investment to the next level," said Sameer Samat, a Google executive leading Android and Play efforts, at the Google I/O developer conference.

as mentioned in At this point, android Google 's Android — is as lean as it's ever been, and with advancements in battery optimization and app caching, Android O should run well on almost any piece of hardware. Google learned that, especially in the low-end smartphone space, hardware vendors want Android, not Google's Android, spurned by the very companies it wooed just a couple years earlier. But the end result will be an Android experience that will seamlessly cause fewer performance hiccups, and fewer accidental data cap overages. By the time Google fixed Android One's biggest problems, its partners were recreating its best features for less money. Android Go isn't a big deal, and that makes it an incredibly powerful and meaningful change for Android users everywhere.

Android Go is the smartest thing Google can do to win the next billion smartphone users
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LG will reportedly switch to OLED displays for next major smartphone

LGElectronics would be turning to sister company LG Display for the OLED components — much in that same way that Samsung sources its OLEDs from Samsung Display. "Most OLED screens produced at LG Display's Gumi E5 plant in the second half will be used for its sister firm LG Electronics' smartphones starting with the V30," a source told the Herald. LG is likely to move away from LCD in favor of an OLED screen for its next premium smartphone, the V30, according to The Korea Herald. Some OLEDs produced will also be supplied to Chinese phone makers who want an alternative to Samsung, the company that produces most OLED smartphone screens. Samsung has long used OLED technology for its android smartphones; the displays offer more vivid colors and deeper blacks than LCD screens, which are currently used by Apple, HTC, and LG's existing mobile devices.

LG will reportedly switch to OLED displays for next major smartphone

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