Cheap Nokia phone two phone to pack a whopping 4,000mAh battery

according to Word on the grapevine is that HMD universal plans to launch an even cheaper Nokia-branded smartphone going with the name Nokia smartphone 2. The Nokia smartphone two going to go where the Nokia smartphone three smartphone couldn't dream of going: the shallow finish of the inexpensive smartphone swimming pool. According to reports feeding off the device's regulatory filings, budget-conscious smartphone buyers have something to look forward to. Maybe that Xiaomi Android 1 smartphone that won't be as inexpensive as we're hearing the Nokia smartphone two going to be. Update: the lead image used in this article has been updated with a purported leaked image of the Nokia smartphone two courtesy of @evleaks

Everything you want to realize about the Nokia phone 2, a budget-friendly smartphone

It seems like only yesterday which Nokia, the fabled Finnish firm behind the indestructible Nokia smartphone 3380, rose from the post-Microsoft grave with three new smartphones running Google's Android operating system: The Nokia smartphone 8, the Nokia smartphone 6, Nokia smartphone 5, and Nokia smartphone 3. Leaks propose the following may be the Nokia smartphone 2, a budget-friendly smartphone with a huge battery. Here's everything you want to realize about the Nokia smartphone 2, involving the rumored hardware, value tag, and launch date. MySmartPrice appeals the Nokia smartphone two going to cost about $109, fitting squarely among the Nokia smartphone 3310 smartphone ($52) and the Nokia smartphone three smartphone ($157). That is a reasonable assumption — judging with the low-end hardware, it going to nearly certainly be cheaper than the Nokia smartphone eight and Nokia smartphone 6.

Everything you need to know about the Nokia 2, a budget-friendly smartphone

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according to

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