Google Global Positioning System on phone can Approve burglaries

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Mysterious Google "Ultra pixel" phone on tow to compete with iPhone X

Google is all determine to unveil the following generation Pixel smartphones - Pixel two and Pixel two XL on October 4. Now, a vidimus uploaded on YouTube (Via: AndroidPolice) advices which there exists a 3rd Pixel phone likely dubbed Ultra pixel. Also read: full Google Pixel 2, Pixel two XL specifications leak ahead of October four launchThe vidimus shows several images and videos from a leaked presentation from Google with a unclear Ultra pixel phone. From the video, it could be inferred which Google might launch the Pixel 2, Pixel two XL and Ultra pixel as well to elect the iPhone 8, iPhone eight Plus and iPhone X from Apple. Also, the 2nd generation Pixel phones going to have dual front-facing speakers which won't be there on the Ultra pixel.

Mysterious Google

If Google thinks this is the phone to take drop the iPhone, it needs some help

referring to The Pixel two phones aren't quite here yet, however we endeed realize nearly everything there is to realize about the new Google handsets. I soon told I can't defend the ugly iPhone X notch. But what bothers me isn't the phone's design. For some reason, Google thinks which dual front-facing speakers are features which going to be appreciated further than further monitor real estate. Look at those ugly highest and bottom bezels, and then look at the iPhone X:Image Source: AppleYes, I often told the Pixel is an iPhone clone.

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