Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone launch can be imminent

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A new Samsung device has just received certification from the National Radio Agency based in Samsung's hometown of South Korea. Now the device has received official certification, it would propose which the Samsung Galaxy smartphone X can be relleasing extremely soon, albeit in South Korea to start with. I suspicious this probably outdated given the profile of the Galaxy X in the lineup for Samsung and would expect similar specs to which of the rest of the Galaxy line. The foldable smartphone is told to be being developed under codename Project Valley and points to a late 2017 or early 2018 release. Foldable phones were all the rage pre-smartphone however can Samsung be Utilizing the Galaxy X to reignite which trend or has it Eventually figured out foldable displays?

Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone can be the ultimate iPhone X rival

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone S9 may be just on the horizon – however we've also got wishes for a foldable Samsung Galaxy smartphone X smartphone too. For years, we've been hearing fairly frequent rumours about a secretive Samsung project which incloudes building a smartphone which folds. What's more, Samsung typically hosts a launch event for new smartphones in the premier quarter of each year, showcasing the handsets at Barcelona's annual Mobile World US Congress tech tradeshow. We're expecting to see the Galaxy S9 uncovered at the show, however a Galaxy X smartphone can certainly be on the agenda also – especially since Apple just reported its own iPhone X branded handset, with a quirky new design. Related: better Android smartphonesWould you be interested in a foldable Samsung smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone could be the ultimate iPhone X rival

Foldable Samsung Galaxy smartphone smartphone receives certification in South Korea; Guessed to launch in 2019

according to Samsung's foldable smartphone has been talked about for some time now. However, it is rumored which the smartphone going to be called the Samsung Galaxy smartphone X aka the foldable smartphone post its launch. It has been widely rumored which Samsung has been working on the Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus foldable smartphones. He more added which the firm aims to launch a foldable smartphone following year under its 'Galaxy Note' brand. The smartphone going to be released in 2 variants; Galaxy X and Galaxy X1 under the codename Project Valley.

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