South China Morning Post : Huawei overtook Apple in June and July phone sales, however high-profile launches this 30 days going to evidence decisive

according to The Shenzhen-based handset producer registered powerful June and July sales, moving ahead of its main competitor, Apple's iPhone. With August discounds too looking perfect for the Chinese vendor, the study agency expects the every 30 days lead to have continued final month. The latest figures issued with US-based investigator International information Corporation (IDC), meanwhile, propose universal phone discounds dropped 1.3 per cent to 341.6 mn during the 2nd quarter, however which all of the highest 5 vendors – Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi – gained market shares in the period. "However, a weak presence in the South Asian, Indian and North American markets limits Huawei's possibility in the near-to midterm to maintain 2nd place behind Samsung," Richardson added. Huawei too owns a subsidiary phone brand, Honor, whose discounds are taken into account in the parent company's discounds figures.

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Huawei overtakes Apple as world's second-biggest phone maker

Huawei overtakes Apple as world's second-biggest smartphone maker
Apple has been overtaken with the Chinese phone giant Huawei phone as the world's second-biggest phone producer with sales, sending the iPhone producer into 3rd place for the premier time since Blackberry and Nokia phone ruled the market. Huawei's market share surpassed Apple's in June and July, according to figures from Counterpoint Research. While the dip is likely to be temporary, with Apple announcement of a new range of iPhones following 7 days likely to invigorate sales, breaking the duopoly enjoyed with Samsung and Apple which has existed for 5 years is a landmark moment. Apple has held 1 of the highest 2 spots in the market since 2010, the time it surpassed BlackBerry producer study in Motion before going on to dethrone Nokia.
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Who's the greedier contestant in this large fight over phone patents: Apple or Qualcomm?

Who's the greedier contestant in this big fight over smartphone patents: Apple or Qualcomm?
Without its technologies, Qualcomm says, you wouldn't have such applications and services as "Uber, Snapchat, Spotify, Apple Music, Skype, Google Maps, and Pokemon game GO."They're squeeze out from their provider each down of profit. — Qualcomm General Counsel Don Rosenberg, explaining why Apple has sued his companyNo 1 disputes that Qualcomm ought gain pots of money from its patents. Qualcomm argues that Apple probably aiming to preserve the stupendous profitability of the iPhone, that with some measures accounts for further than 90% of all phone profits. The royalties are determine at 5% of the internet selling value of the phone, that is the value Apple pays its contract manufacturers, such as Taiwan-based Foxconn, not the list value at the Apple Store. Not a perfect year for Qualcomm: The San Diego tech firm tumbled the time it was sued with the FTC and Apple in January, and has not recovered.

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