Huawei is working on a foldable smartphone

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Move over, bezel-less smartphones — foldable devices can recently be the following mobile craze. We all realize Samsung has been teasing a foldable smartphones for years now, further or less as a way to showcase their flexible display technology. More recently, Chinese industrialist ZTE made an attempt at getting a head begin on following year's trend with introducing their own take on the foldable phone — the ZTE Axon M — albeit sans an actual folding display. The crises is which Samsung's display tech is unrivaled, giving them a clear advantage and leg up on the competition. That is unless OEMs get a tiny further inventive with their designs and if anyone has the money to do it, it's Huawei.

ZTE's Axon M flip phone may kick off foldable trend

The Chinese firm on Tuesday introduced the Axon M, a smartphone which rocks 2 displays -- 1 on each side -- which flip unlock to innovate a larger combined screen. Unlike the other failed phones, ZTE at least appears availiable to stick with this design for the long haul. Petersen acknowledges the want to get the smartphone in people's hands and vows to have the Axon M in AT&T stores. While the Axon M looks novel, longtime smartphone aficionados may recall which the Kyocera Echo employed a similar flip-out design and dual-screen setup. You may not purchas into the Axon M itself, however thanks to ZTE laying the foundation, a foldable smartphone can be in your aftertime sooner than you think.

ZTE's Axon M flip smartphone may kick off foldable trend

Huawei probably releasing a foldable phone following year

as declared in Why it matters to you Huawei phone maybe joining the ranks of Samsung and ZTE with offering a foldable phone following year. As Beautiful as these screens look, it is possible that we'll be seeing yet another trend emerge in 2018, and it's 1 that can truly shake things up: foldable smartphones. ZTE's offering may not have been perfect, however it may have been a herald of things to come as CNet has announced that Huawei phone is working on a foldable phone for following year. It is 1 of the ways in that Huawei phone wishes to overtake its rivals and become the world's largest phone manufacturer. In terms of foldable smartphones, Huawei phone isn't the only firm seeking to get in the market.

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