Flipkart gets in phone market with bn Capture+

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E-commerce main Flipkart has reported its foray into the hyper-competitive mobile smartphone market in India with the launch of its bn Capture+ brand of smartphones. Flipkart on Friday told 2 variants of its 'Made for India' smartphone, priced ₹10,990 onwards, going to be obtainable from November 15. Samsung continued to dominate the market with 24 per cent market share. Xiaomi followed in the tally with 17 per cent share, while Vivo, Oppo and Lenovo had 13 per cent, eight per cent and seven per cent share, respectively. He told bn Capture+ was developed saving those in mind and delivering it at a "compelling value point".

Flipkart to launch bn Capture+ phone on Nov 15

Flipkart going to launch its premier phone under the bn brand on November 15. Billion Capture+ comes with a dual camera, fast charging, a full-HD display and the latest stock Android Nougat operating system. Media reports quoted Flipkart bn category head Hrishikesh Thite as telling which the phone going to be priced at Republika Srpska 10,999 for the 32 GB model, and at Republika Srpska 12,999 for the 64 GB model. Under the bn brand, the firm currently purveys mixer-grinders, irons, cookware, and backpacks. With the Capture+ smartphone, the firm going to look to capture a share in the country's growing phone market dominated with the likes of Xiaomi, Micromax, Oppo, Vivo, and Samsung.

Flipkart to launch Billion Capture+ smartphone on Nov 15

Flipkart to launch its own phone under the bn brand

as mentioned in The Flipkart smartphone, called bn Capture+, is the premier main initiative with co-founder Sachin Bansal since he stepped aside as CEO in January 2016. The new, so-called Made for India phone called bn Capture+ going to go on discound on Flipkart on 15 November. In an interview, Bansal told which Flipkart going to launch further products across categories such as big appliances under the bn brand over the coming months. The launch of the new phone brand increases the prospect of a possible cannibalization of discounds which Flipkart gets from its highest phone brands, although Bansal dismissed the potential of which happening. Bansal's attempt at building the bn brand is 1 of Flipkart's supplementary bets.

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