Samsung rips into Apple’s iPhone in latest Galaxy phone ad

as mentioned in Why it matters to you Competition remembers fierce among Samsung and Apple and the marketing space is where many of the battles still to be fought. Samsung has always taken great delight in poking fun at Apple's loyal band of followers, however now it's got the changing design of the company's iPhone firmly in its sights. The Korean tech titan has just posted another biting advertisement and comes just days after Apple started selling the much-anticipated iPhone X. He's impressed with its large, 5.7-inch display, that at that time was considerably bigger than the 4-inch monitor on the iPhone 5S. Caught among the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8?

The iPhone X cam takes best photos than any other phone on the market

That said, and with the iPhone X endeed out in the wild, DxOMark soon put the iPhone X's cam to test. DxOMark notes which the iPhone X received a score of 101, besting rivals such as the Huawei smartphone Mate ten Pro and the Samsung Galaxy smartphone Note eight in the process. Though iPhone cam performance has got best with leaps and bounds in recent years, low light environments have long been an achilles heel for iPhone cameras relative to other handsets. Regardless, the iPhone X managed to shine in sufficient other ambit to continue outclass every other device on the market. The complete evaluation of the iPhone X's features new cam could be seen here.

The iPhone X camera takes better photos than any other smartphone on the market

Apple iPhone X doesn't highest DxOMark's phone scores, however it is "top performer for stills"

as declared in Apple iPhone X doesn't highest DxOMark's smartphone scores, however it is "top performer for stills"It's been a busy time for new phones. As is the status every holiday season, there are a lot of new smartphones hitting shelves. That trend has been broken with likely the biggest new smartphone of the year, the Apple iPhone X. The iPhone X chock store shelves on Friday and DxOMark has endeed published their show of the common new phone. With its score of 97, the iPhone X is 2nd to the Google Pixel two overall, however DxOMark tells the iPhone X is the "top performer for stills."

iPhone X Super Retina HD gets A+ from DisplayMate: "best performing phone display we have ever tested"

"For Apple, the transition was particularly hard because it needs hundreds of millions of OLED displays, and Samsung Display was the only firm manufacturing them in high volume." "In its latest evaluation of iPhone X, DisplayMate wrote, "First we want to congratulate Samsung Display for emerging and manufacturing the outstanding OLED display hardware in the iPhone X," adding "but what makes the iPhone X the better Smartphone Display is the impressive Precision Display Calibration which Apple developed which transforms the OLED hardware into a superbly accurate, high performance, and gorgeous display. "One of the reasons i smartphone X could deliver better color than Samsung's own phones is which Apple iOS provides system-wide color management, something Google has only soon added to Android O (which few phones have). For small portions of the monitor ambit the iPhone X could Production up to 809 nits (Low rate photo Levels). On its house monitor the iPhone X produces an impressively bright 726 nits.

iPhone X Super Retina HD gets A+ from DisplayMate:

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