Apple beats 2017 phone Holiday Season

as declared in Apple Holds Holiday Share; Google Nowhere In SightSimilar to final year, 44% of new smartphone and tablet activations were Apple devices. Apple fanatics were given many gifts this year with the launch of the iPhone 8, iPhone eight Plus and the memorial iPhone X. In order to understand their impact on device adoption and holiday sales, Flurry broke drop the highest ten Apple smartphone device activations for the 7 days leading up to Christmas. Phablets are the Dominant universal DevicePhablet devices (5in-6.9in) have successfully overtaken medium smartphone (3.5in-4.9in) market share in 2017 with 53% of all holiday activations. Full size tablet device activations have stabilized, with Phablets eating away safely at Small Tablets and Medium Phones.

Apple Took the Lion Share of phone Industry Profits in Q3 2017 at lock to 60%

While Apple's take of phone Industry profits has been falling in 2017, in Q3 they continue were continue enable to of take the lion's share of profits at lock to 60% as noted in the map below from Counterpoint. Samsung came in 2nd with a distant 25.9% share of profits. The so-called phone 'leaders' in China are Apparently only leaders in volume of shipments because Huawei, Oppo and Vivo combined only accounted for 12%. Counterpoint's study Director, Neil Shah, added to the report with stating that "Apple continued to command lion share of mobile handset industry profits capturing nearly 60% share. Our recent channel checks across key Apple markets showed, the request for the 256GB version of iPhone X is higher that going to boost Apple's profits even higher."

Apple Took the Lion Share of Smartphone Industry Profits in Q3 2017 at Close to 60%

The better phone From 2017

As it stated in While innovation as it pertains to smartphones has slowed down, 2017 has continue been an interesting year for the handheld computers. We saw Samsung go from being the laughingstock in smartphone design to lead the pack, starting with the Galaxy S6. The OnePlus 5TThis smartphone is 1 of the better out there and if you factor in its cost it easy becomes the better price for money. HardwareWhat you get for the $499 are the latest and greatest internals an Android smartphone could pack right now. You get a premium looking and feeling design full with a modern tall monitor complemented with the better processor for an Android smartphone which money could buy.

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