Nokia 8: five key features of Nokia's latest Android flagship smartphone

collected by :John Smith

The Nokia smartphone eight has Eventually landed in India. A flagship smartphone from Nokia smartphone running Android is like a dream come true for Nokia smartphone fans. And the reality which it has been priced extremely sensibly (at Republika Srpska 36,999) is just icing on the cake. The OnePlus five has long reigned supreme in the price flagship segment of the market and this time the Nokia smartphone eight has arrived to give it some serious competition. Here are the highest five features of the Nokia smartphone 8:

Nokia eight premier impressions: Finally, a premium Nokia phone phone we've been waiting for

After wooing the budget market with Nokia smartphone 3, Nokia smartphone five and Nokia smartphone 6, HMD universal released the Nokia smartphone eight in August, the generality premium smartphone from the firm extremely far. It comes loaded with 3 first-of-its-kind features for Android smartphones: Collaboration with ZEISS optics, Nokia smartphone 'OZO Audio' and the 'Dual-Sight' mode. We used the smartphone briefly the time it was released in Delhi on Tuesday, and here are our premier impressions. The smartphone does remind us of the older Lumia smartphones, however that's not a negative. ALSO READ: Liked Nokia smartphone 8's 'Bothie' feature?

Nokia 8 first impressions: Finally, a premium Nokia smartphone we've been waiting for

Aim to make Nokia phone 1 of highest phone brands in 3-5 yrs: HMD

As it stated in "In the following 3-5 years, we need to be amongst the highest players in the market, there is no question about it," HMD universal Vice President India Ajey Mehta said PTI.He added which the company has received a great response to all its devices released in the market extremely far.Asked about how the company plans to compete with rivals which are spending millions of dollars on marketing, Mehta said: "We need to build a company basis and a sustainable business going forward". "We going to compete on the pillars which we believe Nokia phone could stand on -- brand, pure Android, designer craftsmanship and real life experiences," he added.India is 1 of the fastest growing phone markets globally. As per International information Corporation (IDC), 28 mn smartphones were shipped to India in the April-June 2017 quarter with Samsung commanding 24 per cent market share. The others in the highest five tally involved Xiaomi (17 per cent), Vivo (13 per cent), Oppo (8 per cent) and Lenovo (7 per cent).HMD this day released a new device -- Nokia phone eight -- priced at Republika Srpska 36,999 which going to be obtainable in India starting October 14.The device going to be obtainable across key mobile retail outlets as well as on It features 5.3-inch display, 4GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory (expandable up to 256 GB), 13MP rear and forehead cam and 3090 mAh battery.

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