RED partners with Leia for holographic phone display

as informed in Camera industrialist RED has uncovered further specifics about the holographic display for its upcoming Hydrogen 1 smartphone. The firm stated which the unique display would be driven with tech created with Leia – a startup specialising in cutting-edge display design. According to its website, Leia Utilizes nanotechnology and proprietary hardware to innovate light field holographic displays for mobile devices, tablets, and monitors. RED has invested an undisclosed amount into Leia, and RED founder Jim Jannard going to join the company's board of directors. RED told its Hydrogen 1 going to be obtainable in 2018 and is obtainable for pre-order.

RED detects further about its holographic phone display

Light field displays Utilize multiple layers of LCDs with a "directional backlight," letting you see 2 different views of the same object with each eye, producing a three-dimensional effect. In practice, the time you rotate a display, objects like buildings would appear to project from the screen, as shown in the vidimus below. Leia tells it "leverages recent breakthroughs in nano-photonic design and manufacturing to provide a full lightfield 'holographic' display solution for mobile devices." It tells the tech could innovate a holograph-like effect, "while preserving the normal operation of the display." In other words, if you turn off the 4D part, it'll work like a regular phone screen.

RED reveals more about its holographic smartphone display

according to Cinematic cam producer RED has a smartphone on how – the Hydrogen, that boasts a great vidimus cam as well as a "holographic display" that we realize relatively tiny about, in spite of MKBHD getting some hands-on time with the smartphone ahead of its release. Now, we realize further because RED CEO Jim Jannard named HP Labs spin-out Leia Inc. as the display tech partner (via Engadget). Leia's innovation is making this work while too saving the traditional 2D display capabilities undisturbed, extremely that you could switch among both modes depending on what you're viewing. The main hangup for content viewable on the holographic monitor may be on the content side, but – Jannard told that the smartphone going to Utilize a holographic format called .h4v to render 4D content on the screen. At the extremely least, this doesn't sound like it going to be quite as gimmicky as the holographic monitor on Amazon's Fire phone, that offered extremely tiny in how of 'wow' factor.

Here's how RED's holographic phone display going to work

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