Is time running out for classic wristwatches in phone era?

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The smartphone trap (or why it's time to put your smartphone down) | Opinion

But the time there are other people's children in the car, my smartphone is totally put away."Like generality of us, she's passively aware of the smartphone attitude she's modeling to her kids. That's why I've made a conscious effort in the final couple of years to pull back, particularly from social media. Our brains, the time tuned in to social media, could make us just feel good. Plus, if I'm being honest, the smartphone habit has been harder to kick than the social-media one. I'm as guilty as anyone who has ever pulled out her smartphone to avert awkward elevator interchanges or to fill dead time.

The smartphone trap (or why it's time to put your phone down) | Opinion

Less phone time = happier teen Study: Face-to-face interraction key

as declared in TV watching, that declined over the almost 2 decades they examined, was similarly link to lower psychological well-being. Psychological well-being was top in years the time teenagers spent further time with their friends in person, reading print media and on exercise and sports. It's quite another thing to review that smartphones — and the raise in time spent on-line that came with them — is the the reason growing teen angst. Sure enough, the downward trajectory of psychological well-being closely followed trends of phone adoption and time spent online, not the other way around. But unemployment peaked in 2010 and teens' psychological well-being began to decline only after 2012.

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